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IF YOU ARE HERE FOR MY ICONS, PLEASE DEFRIEND ME (unless I have friended you back) AND JOIN findingourvoice :)

please please defriend me if i have not added you back.

goes by bella
no i do not read twilight before you ask me
posts her icons at findingourvoice

the music ; delta goodrem, vanessa hudgens, demi lovato, taylor swift, ashley tisdale, paramore, jonas brothers, corbin bleu, icehouse, hey monday, miley cyrus

the movies ; HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL(S), 17 again, hairspray, sisterhood of traveling pants, mamma mia!, 27 dresses, hannah montana movie

the tv ; gilmore girls, jon and kate plus 8, gossip girl, rove, sonny with a chance, hannah montana, wizards of waverly place

the other interests ; graphic design, RUGBY LEAGUE (not playing just watching :D).

my girls
bokayjunkie ; nikka
live_in_love_89 ; harley
ohmygawd_eww ; holden

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Tags: community: findingourvoice, lj: custom groups for me, lj: f-list in general
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